Bank Mandiri Bank Terbaik di Indonesia

Bank Mandiri Bank Terbaik di Indonesia - PT Bank Mandiri Tbk (BMRI) recorded during the eight years of providing facilities to two million customers and entrepreneurs with a value of Rp46 trillion Mandiri. Lending spread in 34 provinces and 366 districts and more than 1,400 sub-districts through 2190 outlets.

According to Micro SVP Network Development Bank Best Bank in Indonesia Bank Mandiri Tardi efforts also promote growth by adding 300 outlets new access point to be available to the public in creating a financially inclusive.

"We already provide loans to two million entrepreneurs by 2190 the value of Rp46 trillion and outlets, in order to increase the number of customers we plan to open 300 new outlets point," he explained, in the Plaza Mandiri, Jakarta, Monday (01/14/2013).

According to the Director of Finance & Strategy BMRI program is expected to be public access to the bank and take advantage of the access to be more productive.

"The CSR is expected to make young children to participate in the activities of entrepreneurs. Best Bank Mandiri in Indonesia